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Facebook NewsFeed Changes – Choice of Feeds

Facebook announced a brand new change that they feel will make it better for you as a user.

Newsfeed is designed to reflect the way people use images and share content.  With more mobile’s and tablets Facebook newsfeed reflecting trends, custom tailored to you, FB offers custom newspaper.being used all over the globe, people taking pictures and video all over the world…Facebook desire’s to enhance the user’s experience has driven this design change for newsfeed.  According to Julie Zhua – Director of Design, they are removing the “clutter” and focusing on “Stories”.  Then Facebook has designed the best container to attain this result.

This has a focus on photo’s, experience, and Places the predominate place they deserved.

The new design has been given a larger visual for ease of use, quick visual, more like Pinterest.  It also has the added ability where you can hover over images and see what your friends have said about a popular image.

Multiple Facebook newsfeeds, pinterest clone, The events have been updated so you can find out the most shared content.  Recent articles has been updated reflect trending topics that everyone cares about.  Putting together a richer, simpler more beautiful newsfeed that’s focused on what you care about on desktop and mobile.

You have a Photo’s feed, you can “LIKE” the best news sources, local sources and have the best news feeds customized for you – Following feed.  You can follow your favorite sports team and follow their feeds, and more.

Chris Cox talked about how Mobile Consistency has been recreated to make it the best experience for mobile users also.  The benefits of this is making the navigation consistant on tablet and PC’s, including a truly global navigation.  Feeds will look consistant across the board, while offering some new features on the PC brought over from mobile and tablets.  These design changes, will start rolling out today and they will go slowly while listening to user experience to see what works and what doesn’t.Facebook now offering Mobile Consistency,


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