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5 Ingredients To A Successful Social Media Campaign

Having a website is one thing, but creating an  effective Social Media Campaign is another.

Gone are the days where all you needed was a website (build it and they will come attitude), today thousands and thousands of businesses have websites.  What you need is online conversations about your site.

Here are 5 Key Ingredients to maximize your online visibility, engagement, traffic and help increase your sales.

1.  Create a good strategy looking at the best practices for you.  When looking at Social Media sites, questions to ask:

  • Is this relevant to me?
  • Does this represent my voice?
  • Are my clients/potential customers on this platform?

2.  Keep your branding the same on all Social Media sites as they are your vehicle to speak online.  This is very important because if they recognize your brand and trust it, they will linger to see what you have to say.

3.  Post interesting content such as relevant pictures, new products and informative videos especially if your focus is Facebook.  Facebook uses an algorithm called Edgerank that scores well with video and pictures.

4.  Keep your engagement levels up.  When using Social Media, are you answering peoples posts?  Example:  If your using twitter, and someone ReTweets your tweet, are you thanking them?  Do you “listen” to what your followers are saying?  Do you get involved in conversations?

5.  Talk TO them, not AT them.  Don’t just speak at your followers telling them what to do, talk to them, answer questions, ask questions, offer solutions.  Crowd sourcing is a great way to create a genuine coversation.  Ex:  Ask which cover picture they preferred.. or what is their favorite app.  Be creative and get them involved!

Add your own successful ingredients in the comments below!


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