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Managing Your Facebook Page Presence – Showing Up In Users Newfeeds

Facebook algorithm EdgeRank ranks how you will show up in newfeedsEveryone knows Facebook is constantly changing, it’s finding new ways to customize for FB users, but we know that it’s more for their own marketing strategies.

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Why do people LIKE Pages on Facebook?

#1 reason most people LIKE different pages on Facebook is to receive discounts and promotions.  (this is has been consistant for the past 2 years)

#2 reason is to show support of the company to others.

#3 reason is to get something free

#4 reason is to get updates on future products, and lastly

#5  and to get updates on upcoming sales.

Managing your Facebook Page keeping these top 5 reasons in mind will help your page’s success.

Recently there has been a LARGE increase in the page ‘interaction’ part.  Back in 2010, page interaction was at 13%, this number has jumped to 82% of users interacting with pages in 2012.  Hmmm that’s a 600% increase!

Now here’s the tricky part – If your not posting or offering anything or adding any value on your Facebook page, then your user interaction goes down and so does your visibility in their newsfeed.  Why?  Because Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank.  

EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines what items populate your News Feed by assigning a value to every story that could show up in your feed.  This value is based on affinity, weight and time.  What are those your wondering?How does Facebook's algorithm EdgeRank work?

  • Affinity is the user and page relationship
  • Weight is type of story – Facebook seems to value rich media content like photo upload, status comment, LIKE and/or tag
  • Time affects EdgeRank by how recently an action was taken. (Time decay factor is based by how long ago picture, comment, like or tag was created)

EdgeRank helps personalize Facebook for each individual user based on this algorithm which is why some people complain because they don’t see certain page updates and others are overwhelmed with info they don’t really want to see.  EdgeRank has customized their newsfeed according to their interaction with the page.

Marketer who have understood the way this platform ranks content can find many ways to optimize their efforts based on EdgeRank.

Facebook states the following:

“We’re continuing to optimize News Feed to show the posts that people are most likely to engage with, ensuring they see the most interesting stories. This aligns with our vision that all content should be as engaging as the posts you see from friends and family.”

So what can Marketers and Facebook Admins do to counter a decrease in visibility?

  1. Post special offers (Affinity)
  2. Publish interesting stories and pictures (Affinity)
  3. Emphasis Quality over quantity (this has been ongoing) (Weight)
  4. Don’t wait to long to comment back or like comments (Time Decay Factor – TDF)

View this awesome visual aid about EdgeRank and Graph Rank by

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