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Facebook Gifts

Facebook has now added Gifts where you can buy, give and ship to your friend directly on Facebook.

Select a variety of gifts and send right from Facebook

To send a gift, you can simply use the birthday reminder or your friends timeline and look for the gift tag.  From there you can:

Select Facebook Gifts from Timeline or

  • select an appropriate gift, pay now, or pay later after you gift has been accepted,
  • you can keep it private or share with your friends
  • Your friend is notified immediately and they can read your card and enter in where they would like it delivered.
  • Facebook Gifts are shipped out within 24 hours and can arrive in 3 to 5 business days

Facebook with send you an email letting you know when your gift was sent out, along with an ability to track the progress of your package
through Track Gift link in your email.

How do I pay for Facebook Gifts?

Facebook states that you can pay for a gift using any Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover branded credit or debit card.  Facebook also writes that once you’ve paid for a gift, they’ll send you a receipt within 24 hours and  they will also save your payment info for future purchases.Many choices available through Facebook Gifts

If your a business interested in making your product available through Facebook Gifts you need to contact them filling out a Merchant Interest Form where you fill out a short form and you can even include sample pictures of items you’d like to submit.

What do you think of Facebook’s newest venture?

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  2. josiefoss
    December 13, 2012


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