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LinkedIn Skills Endorsement

If your an avid LinkedIn user you might of noticed the new “Skills & Expertise” area on your LinkedIn Profile, where you can give a quick and simple Endorsement to a fellow employee or a business contact.

What does this do for you or for them?

For yourself, this new feature helps reinforce your skills set and shows potential clients or businesses the area’s where others have been very pleased with your work, expertise and role.  For others – It helps you discover the expertise that other professionals have and see how the demand for these skills is changing over time.

Should I ask for EndorsementsLinkedIn has new endorsement feature, helps with your online reputation.  Endorse others only on their skill sets. ?

Certainly!  Asking for endorsements from past clients or businesses is like asking for a referral.  If they liked your service, they won’t have any trouble endorsing you on LinkedIn.  It’s like giving you an atta boy (or girl).  If someone endorses you, return the favor and visit their profile, endorsing them on their skill set.  Word of caution though, realize that too many endorsements or one for multiple skill-sets can look impressive but upon deeper investigation might lead others to start questioning if they are real.

Getting an endorsement from a reputable contact only enhances your skillset and shows others that someone else has put their trust in you is another way to look at it.

Importent Points to Remember

LinkedIn does have certain rules you have to follow.

  1. You have to be on a 1st level connection before you can endorse someone.
  2. It is up to individuals to accept endorsements, you can reject endorsements if you feel they are not correct.

As this is still a newly added feature, this is something to monitor and see how well it works to the benefit of the endorsee.  As with all new rollouts, use it wisely while monitoring it’s grow and changes.

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