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Do You Have A Social Media Schedule?

One of the BIGGEST complaints I keep hearing from business owners is:  I DON’T HAVE TIME For Social Media!

While small businesses owners are busy, not taking the time out for some quick SM Marketing could hurt your business!

How To Make Time For Social Media Marketing – 4 quick steps

First thing in the morning as your enjoying that cup of coffee, tea or juice, tweet a quick good morning to all your followers, then login to your Facebook page to review who’s liked your page, or posted a comment or picture.  Take a moment to respond.. a quick thumbs up on a comment or pic makes the post’er feel welcome on your page.  Time – 5 min

Secondly – Take another few minutes to post about a new shipment coming in, or an appetizing breakfast/lunch special or just a cheery note about a community happening.  (This is when Instagram is very helpful, as you can take a pic and have it immediately post to your page.)   People LOVE pictures and happy things Time – 10 min max

Thirdly – Ask a question asking an opinion or post a poll for your clients/fans to answer – Time 15 min max

Fourth – Login to Google+ add a quick comment about your new shipment, special, ect… and post.  Time – 5 min.

Total Time spent – 35 min – Engagement level – priceless.

Google+ can help your serp in the long term (search engine results page).  Facebook interaction is seen on other’s streams, creating a greater potential engagement level as you respond to their posts/comments.  (Think – drop of water and rings get bigger)

Lastly, think Twitter as your broadcaster, but only with interesting content, not tooting your own horn.  Thought should be – what do I offer them of value.  Please remember to RT (return tweet) on some interesting tweets.  That just means your real and your interested in others, not just yourself.

Depending on your geographic location and who you want to reach, in the evening think about repeating step 1,2 and 4 but do this in the reverse – thanking people for an awesome day and tell them goodnight!  Time – 10 min

If you find that you need your Social Media Managed by someone else, there are some very affordable solutions available.  Find more info here – MediaPresentations4u

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