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Holding Live Events On Facebook

Holding Live Events on Facebook creates an engaging atmosphere where consumers can ask questions to a “LIVE” representative of a company or any author – speaker – politician.   These events can be held in many different video feed formats.

How This Helps You

Online Events help generate digital word-of-mouth sharing between attendee’s and their friends.  As interested attendee’s post comments or ask questions, these start showing up in their streams, and in turn, their friends see the interaction and can join the event.  Gone are the days of sitting infront of the TV during an interview and just watching, now attendee’s participate and can actually be a part of an interview with their question answered in real-time.  Gone also are the days of just listening to a radio show, now-a-days people can be an interactive part of a LIVE event submitting their own questions and getting answers.

In today’s world you can:

  • Participate
  • Listen
  • Question
  • Comment
  • Tweet

creating engagement right on your Facebook Page in real-time.  You don’t have to call some phone line waiting to get through or wait for the postman to deliver a letter, or hope the newsman on the 6 o’clock news talks about an event – you have information right as it’s taking place.

Real-time questions & answers, help create an engaging environment where Fans can participate whether they’re at the office, at home, with a group of friends, where they can login via computer, ipad or mobile and where they can join the conversation by asking questions, posting their opinion, or just listening and learning.  This all helps you realize the potential reach you have in today’s world of marketing and engagement.

Some Great Interactive Apps

Live Stream – A Live Event Broadcaster that can be added to your Facebook Page thus creating the ability to expand your audience by streaming real-time live events online on your Facebook Page creating a high-impact, real-time, engaging and immersive experience.

Evinar – Evinar is a great little app, simple to use with 4 easy steps, it can monetize your FB audience and it has some great stat reports to boot!

Vokle – Vokle is another wonderful app that can host Townhall’s, online classes, video interviews and more, the sky’s the limit here!

If you know of other apps that can hold events right on Facebook pages, please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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