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LinkedIn Congratulate Button

LinkedIn Helpful Feature

LinkedIn has this amazing little feature that is called the “Congratulate” button.  Along with many other great features of LinkedIn, this congratulate button adds another personalized feel to the already detailed powerful professional networking platform of LinkedIn.


For many, LinkedIn has provided a way to network globally with business professionals from all over the world.  It’s a place where you can reconnect, power your career, share knowledge and get answers from industry experts on a global scale.  This alone makes LinkedIn the most valuable professional platform where people and companies can interact, Talent seekers find the right person for the job and job seekers can interact with groups, companies and professionals all over the world.

The “Congratulate” button or “New Job” alert is an excellent opportunity to maintain a valuable relationship with your colleagues or your connections, keeping that in-touch feel alive by being able to congratulate them on their new venture.  This also enables you to have an open channel to a new business opportunity possibility for yourself or your company as you congratulate your connection keeping those ties with them and gaining new connections or valued business.

What It Does

How this button works is through an email notification from LinkedIn notifying you that one of your connections has changed jobs.  As you click on the profile picture of the person you know, it sends you to their LinkedIn profile where you’ll see a gold button stating “Congratulate (Name)”.  When you push on the button, it automatically opens up a pre-filled message box to whomever you were sent a notification about.  Here if you’d like you can include others, which opens up the message in a larger window letting you add others.  Example:  Other co-workers that might not be on LinkedIn, or haven’t received notification.  The pre-filled Subject is “Congratulations on your new job” then inside the message there is a basic message written signed by you at the bottom.  You can either re-compose the message, or leave it as is and press “Send Message”.

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This is an excellent way to continue maintaining business relationships with a colleague, opening up possible new connections and continued networking, all done here on LinkedIn.

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