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Social Media Trends In 2011

What’s in store for 2011 Marketing Strategies?


The eve of 2011 brings the awarness of rising fuel costs. As 2011 celebrations slowly disolve in the early morning hours, newspapers start thier echoing chorus “gasoline soon to be $4”.

Businesses who have Social Media in place, are ready for this looming cloud coming. They have prepared, and have the ability to get the word out in many places at once.

They are very aware that the consumer is now a well informed, bargain shopper, that can use the internet at their fingertips, find the best deal, know what their friends are buying, see if it interests them or not and see what kind of likes, or ratings it has received.

You see with geo-tagging apps like foursquare, along with twitter and facebook, you can stay on top of the tastiest most frequented places, best discounts offered in sales, choice hotels to visit – with the most courtesous help, best deals on rental cars – with helpful associates, or just hot spots to have fun in. They even have the ability to know if your receptionist is cranky or not!

What sounds silly like “find me here” or “I left a tip at” means a whole new thing to consumers so businesses need to be ready.

Remember the old saying “last one in is a rotten egg”?

Businesses who have not set themselves up with Social Media should do so within these next few months because as these newspapers where echoing this morning “Gasoline soon to be $4” Summer will be quite different especially when it comes to consumers spending their money wisely because they have done their homework.

Are you geared up with Social Media Strategies?

When gas prices force the consumer to look for better bargains close to home, are you ready?


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  1. ivon
    January 3, 2011

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