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Mobile Bridges The Gap

In this fast-paced world of changes, mobile has become the medium that bridges the gap with the offline-online world.

Mobile goes with you everywhere.  It’s on subways, planes, trains, automobiles, restaurants, schools, church…you get the idea.  Available online tools, apps, services are also available.  Lets look at one of those, namely Foursquare.

Let’s say you check in at Macy’s, via Foursquare, see a sale, tweet about it, Macy’s has a special: Whoever checkins at their store thru Foursquare saves 10%, so you tweet about that also, you end up saving 10%, Macy’s advertised for free via your checkin and your tweet (or facebook places). Was Macy online at the moment?  No, but their special “anyone who checks in via Foursquare” was in place.

So even if they are offline, a place like Foursquare or Facebook Places continues to work for them.

Mediapresentations4u, Marketing Strategies

The consumer saves money, Macy’s get’s advertising even when they’re offline and your behavior is shaped and changed before you the consumer actually buy something.

Retailers cannot ignore mobile strategies anymore! With the emergence of newer apps rising sharply, shoppers using their mobile is also rising rapidly.  They are seeking deals, checking reviews, becoming informed and making purchases!

The projected sales via mobile for this holiday season is approximately two-thirds of the consumers will use their device to purchase an item.

Over half of the smartphone owners will check and compare prices via their handheld, around 40% will check reviews, while others look for coupons or deals.  These informed decisions will prompt the consumer to share their decision via Social Media – Facebook – Twitter – Foursquare – Facebook Places, which in turn is free advertising.

Mobile is here to stay.  Are you ready?


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