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Mr. CEO – Adapt or Perish

These past two years have been pretty brutal for most businesses. Budget cuts, marketing flops, low sales, bad economy, consumer skepticism and a general sinking feeling…all this has been a part of a business’s nightmare.  2010 is rapidly coming to a close and most CEOs are still frantically trying to turn their sinking ships around.

As a new year approaches, the year 2011 will be a major year of change for 3 out of 4 CEOs. Why?  These CEOs are planning to revamp their business/organization for the digital age.  Traditional marketing has given way to digital marketing and so businesses must adapt.

Five important steps for you as a CEO:

1.  Accept change. The market has changed and you need to adapt or your business will perish.

2. Dare the status quo. Dare to be different, try new things, research the trends, know where the people are.

3.  Act continuously. As a CEO your always learning, always looking for innovative ways to present your business and reach clients and consumers.  Stay on top of the trends, but be consistent in your search.  So much in life is about learning and continuous improvement. What is the risk of boldly thinking we have actualized our goal?

4.  Participate personally. When you participate personally, you put a part of you into anything you do.  You also understand the mechanics of your business (fundamental knowledge) and you can also transfer knowledge that could be beneficial.  Consumers also respond better when they know they are heard and mean something to you.

5.  Tear down boundaries. Leaders of adaptive marketing organizations can and will grow their business rapidly.  They will also build stronger brands and create a competitive advantage.  Read how Starbucks handled change in 2009.

Are you preparing for the digital age?  If so, then how are you preparing?


3 comments on “Mr. CEO – Adapt or Perish

  1. alakanani
    November 18, 2010

    i live in Africa Botswana,i m dreaming to be one day a CEO of my company and living in Botswana which has a population of 2million people its hard more especially if you want to do internet marketing so i decided to start a website to try to teach them but been a learner my self its hard and without resources.

    please is it possible for you to check myself give me advice on how to do things and be able to help aliviate poverty in my country by introducing home business.

    thank you

  2. Corinne
    November 18, 2010

    Hello Alakanani,

    I visited your site, what is it that you specifically want to do? I noticed you offer affiliate products, to resell. Is this what you want to teach? Or do you want to create an informative site that other businesses and startup businesses can come to for valuable helps?

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