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How Do You Measure Your Social Media Success?

So you started using Social Media to create Brand awareness…

but your not sure if your really making an impact….so what do you do?

Social Media measurement has no real clear cut answer yet, but there are ways to track your success.

3 area’s to consider measuring your degree of success.

1 – Social Media Exposure

*  Facebook Fan Page – Track the total number of fans for your page, then review the number of friends from those who became fans in a certain time period and those who commented on or liked your posts.  Facebook Insights really provides value here.

*  YouTube – This one’s pretty easy, measure the number of views for videos that have been tied to a promotion during a specific time period.

*  Blog – You can measure the number of visitors who have viewed your posts during a specific time period.

*  Twitter – Look to see how many of your followers have retweeted your message and the number of followers they have, then use a month to month comparison growth rate to track.  You can use TweetReach, Tweetstats or Twitter Analyzer to help you with this measurement.

2 – Social Media Influence

Some handy tools to measure how you influence using anyone of the above named methods are Social Mention, Twitalyzer and Radian 6.  What your looking for is a positive, a neutral or a negative reaction in relationship to engagement.  If your lacking, then you might need to increase your time engaging more influential users.

3 – Your Engagement Level

Very important measurement.  Meaning it shows the results of people acted on what you had to say and acted on it.

*  Facebook Fan Page – How many times were your links clicked on or your message was liked.  You can track your wall posts and private messages and your comments to your links.

*  YouTube – Was your video commented on? was it shared? do you have new subcribers? was it rated?

*  Blog – You can evaluate the number of times you post was “shared”, if it was commented on, if it was posted on other social media vehicles (twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon….) how many comments you received…all resulting in traffic to your site.

*  Twitter – measurement by clicked on links, hashtag used, @replies and lastly were your tweets retweeted?

Some great tools for this measurement are TweetEffect and PostRank Analytics

Define Your Impact by knowing your reach, your influence and your engagement.  

This will most importantly help you measure your Social Media impact, allowing you to create a strategic approach to influencing your brand niche.


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This entry was posted on June 15, 2010 by in Marketing, Social Media Stuff, Web Presence.

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