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Marketing is Shifting Right Before Your EYES!!!

Companies slashed their marketing budgets from traditional means such as Television, radio, newspaper ads.  With that shift, SMM or Social Media Marketing and CRM Customer Relationship Management has increased 10 fold due to it’s affordability and outreach. The gas price inflation which in effect has kick-started this change, encouraged businesses to look for other vehicles or means to “get the word out”. Those vehicles or means are : Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, blogs, ping, Youtube, Delicious, digg, StumbleUpon, Squidoo and others.

  • Twitter’s vertical climb was off the charts and couldn’t be harnessed because it was moving so fast.
  • Facebook’s social outreach created such a landing place for personal and businesses pages that it also has morphed into a community which has blown itself off the charts with phenomenal growth.
  • Youtube went from being a fun place to upload personal video’s to a wide open advertising market, with phenomenal growth continuing as it has and is becoming a tool for businesses & marketer’s having a lower price tag than television. (Consisting of someone shooting the video, processing it and uploading to their site, versus full blown production costs.)

Video itself is ubiquitous existing or being everywhere at the same time…constantly encountered it also has helped change the market field. Businesses are changing their vehicles from traditional means to places like-YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Metacafe, Blip.tv, which can host or provide links to user friendly self-help video’s, educational video’s, how to video’s and news-feeds.

Forrestor’s Research has also paid attention to the shift in the Media Mix.   In one of their reports they talk about DVR usage, effectiveness of the use of TV in the marketing mix and money that’s shifting to Social Media and online ads. You can refer to one of their research papers called “TV Advertising Budgets Are Under Siege”

In all reality if you think about it…How many people fast-forward through commercials? Opt out of pop – ups and email lists? How many people have caller ID on their home phones…and block 800 numbers.




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