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Facebook fan page for business?

What are the benefits of having a company/business FAN page on Facebook?

8 quick reasons

1.  Community buildingFacebook Fan page is a great platform for your followers to come together in one place where they can submit text testimonials, post pictures, create and upload video’s, hold discussions with each other all while supporting your online community.  You can see a great example of that in the Honda experiment.

2.  SEO – or Search Engine OptimizationCreating a Facebook Fan page gives you more footing in search rankings. How does it do that?  Here’s some facts….the rise of Facebook creates a growing segment of the web that’s completely invisible to search engines – most of which, Facebook blocks – and can be seen only by logged-in Facebook users. So as Facebook becomes ever larger, and keeps more users inside its walled garden, your web site will need to appear in Facebook’s feeds and searches or you will miss out on an important source of web traffic. (Courtesy of copyblogger)  Publish backlinks to your business’ pages as well as having a Facebook Fan Page with your name in the title, helps your business in the SEO department.  Use along with Linkbait strategy and create content that different outside sources will link to because the content is funny, interesting, controversial, or informative/helpful.

3.  InsightsFacebook Fan pages have some very good analytics tools accessible to page owners.  You can track the number of interactions your page has with fans, view important key demographics like location, age, sex and more. By understanding activity and performance, fans and ad respondents, and trends and comparisons, you are better equipped to improve your business on Facebook and elsewhere.  It’s a great way to start utilizing social media metrics especially for the small business owner.

4.  Communication – Here’s one of the most important keys.  Your able to communicate messages and posts directly into your fans home-pages. You can send an update or target you message to match specific age, gender and location! This can all be customized to what and when you choose to communicate with you fan base.  A Facebook Fan page becomes a place where people who have chosen to be your fans expect to be heard, informed and entertained.

5.  Internet Presence – Facebook Fan page is another place you can create internet presence for you business.  With over  350,000 Global users active on Facebook, that’s a lot of eyeballs on Facebook.  Your Facebook user spends on an average approximately 55 minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook Connect has made Facebook and numerous other sites mobile in our pockets and purses via mobile devices.  Being available at all times to provide advice, directions, banking, blogging, shopping, conversation and sharing.   This alone has made Facebook a central hub of not just “Social Media”, but the web, explaining why Google is scrambling after their fail – Google Connect.

6.  Engaging environment – Creates an interactive environment able to create dialogs with your consumer and also allowing business promotion on the Fan page.  Where as a personal page, rule is no business promotion.

7.  CostFacebook and  fan page free.

8.  TimeWhat you can do on your own, or How much you can pay someone to manage it.

It makes you wonder especially when Facebook is not afraid to tackle Google.  🙂

Is your business benefiting from Facebook?

Share your experiences with your Facebook business strategies below…


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