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Three Strategies for 2010

1.  New Year strategies…

Social Media is an amazing marketing tool if used properly.  But you have to ask yourself…what is your objective?  

Is it to increase awareness? Engage your consumer? Establish your brand?  Add feedback into your organization? 

Once you have established your objective…then it’s time to start the implementation process.  

  • Strategy-who am I targeting?
  • Channels to use-how do I reach them efficiently?
  • Timetable-how much time is needed to manage/respond in each channel?
  • Who will manage content-assigning or hiring an employee to respond/manage your business socialmedia channels.  Things to cover:  policy’s – what to include – purpose of SM, responsible content, authenticity, know your audience, good judgement, copyrights, confidentiality, proprietary info, value, productivity.  Sample policy’s 
  • Training-to keep perspective and focus, business training/consulting: Social Media 101 – interactive training course helping employees understand the hows/whys/where to engage in socialmedia.  Social Media ‘Train-the-Trainer’ 201course introduces more complete tools and helpful tips to help ‘Make Conversation’,‘How to Listen’, Authorized to train fellow employee’s along with strategy building from the ground uphow to design your social media campaigns, action plans and organizing your time effectively.


2. Video Marketing and why…

Traditional marketing just can’t reach the size of targeted audience that digital can.  More and more marketers are pulling away from these methods and investing into digital.  For 2010, expect an accelerated move of ad dollars from traditional media to digital media.  

Online marketing spending

Forrester Research says that 59% of US marketers plan to increase their budgets towards digital by pulling funds from traditional outlets.  eMarketer currently is forecasting 5.5% growth with banner ads and online video.  Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer states:  media dollars have imploded, media consumption will continue to explode. Due to increasingly empowered consumers and further advances in technology”.  

Video Marketing is a BIG part of search marketing.   People are very likely to watch a video that is part of search results over text results.  Also…video’s often show up near the TOP of those search results depending on the number of views they have received.  

Video’s are also fun and easy to understand.

Consumer’s are more likely to share fun and easy to understand video’s.  Viral videos can and have climbed vertically through out the internet world as people have viewed and shared content that they viewed as compelling.  They are more likely to “share” a viral video or relevant content.  YouTube has rocked the online community with it’s versatility and phenomenal growth along with incorporating comments and ratings thus creating an engaging environment.  Another statement made by Geoff Ramsey states that consumers in this digital age simply have too much control over their media environments these days for marketers to be pushing unwanted banners, buttons or video’s.  

3.  Go beyond basics..

Consumers now use the web looking for pictures and video content displaying the information they want to see.  Pictures show company culture, helps convince others to work or buy from you.  (Your real)  Video’s are helpful in explaining with visual reinforcement ‘how-to’s’ and most concepts.  Neither one of these visual reinforcement tools are very expensive to create.  Visuals help break down a faceless business presence to the consumer (B2C). 

Customize your message…

Across the Social Media landscape, don’t duplicate your message delivering the same message over and over again.  Tailor your communication for each individual SM site.  You’ll not only show your versatility, but your keep users from tuning you out along with ruling out the possibility of spamming.  Going beyond the basics also shows consumers/businesses that you as a company are a forward thinker. 

Utilize Offline and Online ads.  Whether you send out postcards, place ads, use radio, email, SM allows you to extend your offline market pitch.  Include your Facebook page, blog url, twitter link, youtube url in all your communications to expand your borders.

Become visible to local consumers with Local search by making sure your are included in the local business directories taking the time to include all the information possible along with updating any old news.  

If you have any additional strategies please share in the comment section below…

May your 2010 Strategies be Prosperous!

strategy from the “ground up” – designing social media campaigns, creating action outlines, and organizing your time and productivity.

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