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Social Media and…what is SEO?

What Social Media is and what SEO does to help businesses.  

As Social Media embraces a wide variety of formats, each format provides users with a personal preference appeal means to interact and share information.  


  • Breaking News:  Places like Twitter, FaceBook and blogs give ordinary people the ability to share news and events before the news media even gets there.  Items like iphones and blackberries, laptops, along with these sites have increased the news sharing so much that online news or traditional news has almost become snail paced.  
  • Information Distribution Center:  Depending on the format, Social media allows one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many communications.  Information can be distributed in multiple fashion, including Twitter updates,  RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts, postings on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Ning and YouTube.
  • Building online communities around people, events and brands: Using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace along with blogs, enables people to gather and participate with like-minded people.  
  • Consumer input:  Enables user contribution serving as information filters by content sharing and ratings, using the strength of comments and submissions on Twitter, blogs and video sites, also known as wisdom of the crowds. 

Social Media has forever changed the traditional content marketplace making it readily available in a large variety of formats.  This way the individual or business can mold it into whatever their needs are, making this a very appealing change where companies are in charge of their own personalized media content.

So how does this tie in with SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization brings you to higher rankings in your Search engines like Google, Yahoo, ect.  As more and more businesses are launching web sites, blogs and venturing in the online arena, page rankings have become increasingly important.  How to get higher page rankings?   Have a clear and precise strategy using SEO and Social Media.  Why do I need both?  Because you can’t succeed at one without the other.  

If you venture the SEO path, great…so now your optimized and everything is in place.  So how do people find out about you?  Answer:  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon,  these are just a few examples of important avenues to use in Social Media.  One Tweet on Twitter can drive up your traffic.  As YouTube and Facebook have become daily routine for most people, an informational video clip of 2 min or less can broaden your traffic, along with increasing your page rankings.  So can a Facebook page or blog, inviting discussions, comments, and reviews/share your story places.  People are looking for quality, caring and real places.  

A great “quick to the point” read would be Ian Lurie’s article about You can’t Separate Social Media and SEO.

I also really like how Lee Odden states in his blog-”if you’re going to create it, why not optimize it?”His Social Media Readiness:  6 Questions is also a great information site and a must read.

Are your Social Media Strategies compounding results?


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