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*Marketers need to get serious about social media — despite the recession — to innovate as a competitive advantage.



With power shifts continuing…marketing is morphing itself into a world that influences your brand, your product and your services.  Consumers have grabbed ahold of Social networks in such a frenzy that those networks have skyrocketed in growth five-fold.  Building Social Strategies is vital to businesses surviving in this crucial time. To be successful, marketers must use a strategic, systematic approach in setting up this process.

*Listed below are seven practical ways to be efficient in this strategy.

  1. Socialize content.
  2. Word of mouth with Twitter
  3. Aggregate existing content.
  4. Crowdsource your support.
  5. Sponsor bloggers.
  6. Sponsor events.
  7. Let go with APIs.

*Additional things to do:

  • Manage social media for the long term.
  • Start small but plan for the long term.
  • Accurately prove effectiveness through social application metrics.
  • Measure based on objective
  • Develop the right roles.
  • Social media strategist and community manager
  • Educate through social media supplements.  Like Procter & Gamble’s social media lab

*Courtesy of Forrester’s Research.


2 comments on “Marketing & Strategy

  1. Sharon Wilson
    August 14, 2009

    Great tips! A business model can also benefit from spiritual marketing. In any business, we have to have balance in both our inner and outer approach to be able to grow. We should also focus on how to help others to make their life better.

  2. Corinne
    August 14, 2009

    Thanks Sharon! I would agree also…balancing inwardly and outwardly moves us forward…beauty shines from within 🙂 Helping others definitely helps us grow!

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