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Social Media Madness

photo-348So with all this Social Media stuff talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube and others?  Is it really that important?  YES..read the following exerpts taken from the UK’s Telegraph headlines under science and technology…

“Social media is very important for jobs within the marketing and communications sector, as a skill set within other jobs, and as an industry within itself.” 

Birmingham City University will be offering Social Media as a one-year course this next year, this course will be considering social networking sites as communications and marketing tools.  Jon Hickman, the course convener states-“It’s very relevant and very scholarly. It’s a new course, but its importance is unquestionable.”

Another educational site about Social Media in Education states:  The Case for Wikis and Social Media in the Classroom.   Reasons are as follows:

• Make learning more interesting and engaging
• Increase productivity
• Ease of communication and collaboration
• Media and technology literacy
• Creativity and self-expression
• Virtual teamwork
• Contextual and big picture thinking
• Introduction to online ethics

Meetup is another amazing social tool.  It is more of an offline tool that has come up quickly in the ranks.  Meetup offers a more personal way of building relationship for businesses in all areas by setting up meetings in local towns & cities.  Meetup can create a networking group where Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and various Professionals can network, share ideas, learn from each other and get empowered to enrich their relationships with existing clients, colleagues and friends meeting in local restaurants or coffee shops.  This offers the personal touch to networking and marketing, person to person sharing thoughts and ideas pulling together to encourage business needs and growth.

Some more important uses of the web will only continue to develope within the business world.  More reason to get educated and involved with Social Media.  Examples are as follows:

• Communication
• Collaboration
• Banking and financial management
• Business meetings
• Politics
• Goals, scheduling, and planning
• Productivity (Sofware as Service)
• Customer Service Management
• E-commerce
• Marketing

All these have already started using Social Media Marketing in one form or another.  

Fox Business recently posted that there is growing participation from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio companies for Interactive Austin 2009 conference called How Social Media Can Enhance Enterprise Profitability”.  Austin is recognized nationally as a growing social media center and will be hosting companies from across the state as they gather to share their expertise in using social media for brand management.  

Steve Golab, president and CEO of FG Squared, title sponsor and driver of the event states: “The use of social media in brand management and web marketing can improve profitability for companies as they expand their business presence online.”

Some additional information on podcasts and Social Media:

Awareness Webinar – Corporate Trends in Social Media Marketing

Awareness Webinar – Social Media Marketing: Best Practice Communities.  

Some questions that are answered are:  Are you interested in Social Media Marketing but not sure exactly what you need? Are you searching for a Social media solution that aligns with your business and marketing goals?  During this session you will learn: 

• Eight proven Best Practices for using social media marketing to build a community and create and ongoing, interactive dialog with your audience 

• Why social media marketing programs need to be aligned with your marketing and business objectives. 

How are your Social Media skills? aligned and ready?  Are you well informed?  How is your business doing?


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