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What does the future of Marketing look like?

Two years ago at Google zeitgeist CEO Summit, Dr. Patrick Dixon introduced the future of marketing.  Things he talked about were why traditional advertising is dead because an online world is ruled by virtual communities.  

If you look at the reality of that, then you will have seen the amazing growth of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.  These will continue to grow as the online communities grow into large refined metropolises where businesses will have to shift gears completely to keep up with the demands of these communities.  If they don’t, they will be left in the dust.

View the following video:

What you notice in the quick physical survey that he does…is online advertising does not have as much impact as a virtual community does, or in other words, real peoples comments are making a real impact at how people are planning their trips, purchases, and business.

As an example of all this social network talk, I would urge you to visit this page on the Future of Twitter.  Twitter has become the 3rd largest social networking site and growing rapidly.  Corporations you are urged to get involved with Twitter…“Take hold of your future or the future will take ahold of you” Courtesy of globalchange.com.  

Twitter is micro-blogging, instant messaging, using only 140 characters per “tweet” or comment.  Twitter communities have already evolved using Direct Message or Reply which in turn creates hundreds to thousands of Twitters among groups of friends asking for advice, selling products and services.  These have created millions of public conversations with people all over the world.  Twitter’s future?  It will fuse with GPS on mobile phones, and other technologies.  As rapid growth continues to accelerate, don’t be surprised of Google’s interest in Twitter either.  

How this affects us? Relationship Marketing is HOT! People are connecting with people faster and faster, if it’s online in social communities, or on the go using Blackberries, iPhones, Mini computer’s…people are connecting to people and what you say will affect a business more so then advertising will!

For your humor and enlightment…view the following piece on marketing and how markets are driven by emotion.


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This entry was posted on March 3, 2009 by in Social Media Stuff.

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