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As a business, what can you do in 2009?

Looking back at 2008, marketing most definitely shifted towards becoming more social.  Social meaning driven more by word-of-mouth relationships.  So 2009 is seeing those elements accelerating.  Social media has gone from cutting edge, to rapidly approaching the main stream.

Read the following to see how powerful the social media is, and how to get and keep your customer.  Realize that your customers do want the authentic so act accordingly.

Authenticity – People want to see people, let the real people behind your company be seen.  With this tough economy, people are reluctant to spend/hire if they don’t know who they are dealing with.  Good examples of social media are Comcastcares on Twitter, using LinkedIn and Podcasting.  Use Web Designers who are active on Facebook, Plaxo, Plurk and are using Squidoo and YouTube.  These are all great examples of one on one connection with customers.

What can I do?  

  1. Set up social media presence with your real name on places like Twitter, Squidoo,  use business information along with personal information.  Connecting this way gives consumers a one to one personal feel.  People like Tony-CEO of Zappos, Joyce Meyer, Todd Falcone all have understood the importance of social media presence and are actively participating with this trend.
  2. Blogs.  Blogs are very useful in the business world today.  Blogs are an amazing way to keep  customers up to date on your products, services and/or industry happenings.  Blogs can also keep your customer educated on the same, products, services and happenings.  What better way to reach out then with consumer education.
  3. Another useful social site to set up is Facebook.  Set up a profile or profiles, and recruit customers to join up.

Market it yourself – Small businesses everywhere are saying that the biggest challenge is getting customers and keeping them.  Yet only a small percentage will use an outside means of help in marketing, which leaves a huge number that are NOT using that outside help.  Newspaper readership has been going down and the cost of advertising with newspapers have gone up.

What can I do?  

  1. With a little research and free online survey tools you can find out what’s really important to your customers.  Several other places are QuestionPro and Zoomerang.  
  2. Invest in Relationship Marketing.  Relationship Marketing is keeping in touch with your customer/client.  Having the results of the surveys mentioned above, you can use those said results to meet the needs of your customer.  SendOutCards is an amazing Relationship building tool that not only has a phenomenal database manager, but an incredible campaign manager that can take care of all your mailing needs.  Keeping your cost at a mere $.58 per postcard, $1.04 for a 2 panel card postage included and they print it, stuff it and send it for you.
  3. Video’s and slide shows!  Video a demonstration of your product or video testimonials.  If you post video’s or slideshows on your sites, you are greatly increasing your chances of being found online.  Google likes video content and you’ll be reaching two different audiences – those who like YouTube or Slideshare and those who come to your site.

Word of Mouth Marketing – This is really coming into play in 2009!  Statistics speak that over 70% of your customers will leave you due to not seeing a difference between you and the next business like yours.  This is why Word of Mouth Marketing will make such a BIG difference for you this year.  Customers that you have built relationships with will tell friends and family about YOU and WHY  they have chosen YOU.  

What can I do?

  1. Run a forum section with Questions & Answers on your web site.  This will give your customers reasons they choose you.  You have real questions with real answers.
  2. If you take the time to look at your supply chain, you’ll be able to start a referral program.  This way you can serve your customer and help your supply chain before you or after you.
  3. A quick tip from DoshDosh: “Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is a form of promotional campaign which operates through an individual’s personal recommendations of specific brands, products or services.”

Simplicity – Simplicity is a BIG word these days.  Simplicity has moved to the forefront of everyone’s buying strategies.  The consumer has been forced to slow down and think meaning that they have to separate wants from needs.  This also means that they have cut out the products and services that are not useful to them.  

What can I do?

  1. Businesses need to simplify what they offer by focusing on the consumer trends they have obtained via online surveys and forums.
  2. As the consumer streamlines what they need, so should businesses streamline their products to meet those needs.  
  3. Be equipped to help your customer, to educate them, steer them in the right direction, help them get the most for their hard earned money.  It’s only right.

How’s your relationship building going?  Are you reaching out?




2 comments on “As a business, what can you do in 2009?

  1. Brian Beehler
    April 2, 2009

    Great post Corinne…

    I’m currently trying to evangelize the need for Social Media within my company and over the last 8 months we have started introducing the use of Social Media tools both internally and externally with great success. It hasn’t been an easy road but if you continue to be persistent and have senior management buy on you can change old school communication thinking.

    check out my blog to learn more about what I go through everyday as an evangelist of Social Media – http://brianbeehler.com

    • Corinne
      April 28, 2009

      BTW Brian…

      nice blog…and good info! Keep up the hard work! I LOVE to be a forward thinker, old school communications has it’s place, but to stay on technologies edge..you have move with it…not behind it!…

      Check out my new post…


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