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Marketing Trends for 2009

Doing some research on the marketing trends for 2009, I’m not surprised to find that Relationship Marketing is found at the top of all lists.  Read as follows:

“One thing is for sure that marketers today are striving more than ever to build, expand and enhance the relationships they have (or should have ) with their customers. It’s likely that there will be fewer of those customers for most businesses (in some cases, like the car business, drastically fewer), so they will want to make the most of each relationship. This is one reason why Customer Relationship Management is one of the few expanding areas of marketing.”  Excerpt taken from Idea Driven Marketing.

With more and more people doing business online, businesses large and small are increasing their presence on the web.  This has been in forms of social media; facebook, blogs, forms, interactive video technology and such.  

Why is this relevant?  Because more and more Americans are being forced out of their jobs and companies are forced to shrink their workforce. 

So this brings us back to Relationship Marketing.  Why this?  Because brand new customers are most definitely going to be difficult to sell, or classified as a hard sell.  So businesses are going to need to focus on loyalty.  Loyalty is built by Relationships, relationships mean loyalty.  Americans are purchasing fewer and fewer “non-essentials” meaning that marketing trying to draw new customers will fall on deaf ears due to this worldwide economic condition.

Check out the top 20 Trends here

If you haven’t built relationships with your customer base yet, don’t hesitate to do so now!  Most customers/clients like to be greeted and thought about.  Just those small gestures will help you reinforce and build your customer base, helping you and them through this tough economic time we all face.  If you need help with this area please visit here.

Have you built your house on a rock? or on sand?


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