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It’s a New Year!

Did you know that 2008 is past and gone?  2009 is here now, and 2009 needs a new way of thinking, new attitude, new strategy and new marketing outlook!  This is the time for new opportunities and NEW GROWTH!!! 

So, in other words, your customers are the success of your company.  Your customers like to know that you are available for them so they make it a custom to buy from you over and over again. They are your fans. They are the ones that will help you thru these tough economic times. If you focus on your clients and customers you will not go wrong. Build one-on-one relationships with your clients and customers and get to know them. Get to know what makes your customer tick, what problems they have, what they like, and what they want to buy.  MARKETING is all about catering to your customers taking care of their needs or helping them find what will.  Think about it.

Think customers. Think revenue. Think marketing opportunities.  Whatever you did in 2008 is past and gone.  It’s time for a new outlook in your marketing initiatives.

With a New Year comes a New Attitude with a New Resolution to make new things happen!  New marketing techniques, New products, New hope, New look…ect.

How you market will determine how well you will capture your customer’s heart, his mind and soul . It will also determine what customers will buy, what they will do, and what they will want and need.  Being creative in your marketing will help you capture the market.  Read Communication trends to be mindful of in 2009 and read 2009 The rise of Creativity from the BIZ 09 TREND REPORT.  Just remember – Your customers are your lifeline to success. Make them feel welcome and wanted.  Remember… it’s Back to Basics.

Reach out to your customers frequently. Remind them who you are and what you do.

Go back to basic marketing: flyers, posters, grassroots marketing, referrals, signage, direct mail, etc.

Send more direct mail to your customers.  Send them mail thanking them for their patronage, send mail thanking them for how many years they have been a part of your life (an anniversary card). 

That is called Relationship Marketing. 

It’s not about hype, gimmicks or sales pitches, it’s just about keeping in touch.Natural Sepia sunset


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